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Burger Barn Grill Is Bringing The Flavor With New Franchising Opportunities!

St. John’s, F.L. April 2021 — Starting a restaurant from scratch can be incredibly difficult. From finding a new and exciting concept to understanding the ins and outs of the industry, the process can seem daunting and sometimes insurmountable. However, when there’s already a concept to expand and a business-savvy team willing to take on members to help them, suddenly the process seems easier!

Burger Barn Grill is seeking interested parties to franchise our business! We’re a family-owned burger restaurant based out of Florida, dedicated to good food made with only good, authentic ingredients.

Our burgers are the best. At least, that’s what everyone says when they visit us! Made with only the highest-quality, 100% real Angus beef and the freshest ingredients, our food puts all of our competitors to shame. Every local has a favorite burger on our menu, whether they put them together themselves using our “Build Your Own Burger” choices or they picked one of our cooks’ beloved creations— choices are why Burger Barn Grill has become a family favorite! Our homemade recipes and simple yet extensive menu allow customers free reign to fill their bellies! From our beef to our vegetarian and vegan options, to the sweet treats and delicious sides to accompany their main dish, everyone can find something at Burger Barn Grill!

We’ve built our restaurant on the basis of family, good business, and good food. In the time we’ve been in operation, we’ve found ourselves with more attention than expected! Now, we’re ready to expand our horizons and take Burger Barn Grill to the next step.

Anyone interested in the restaurant industry who boasts experience in business management and entrepreneurship is welcome to find out more information about our franchising opportunities. Our streamlined business model makes it easier to follow in our footsteps! Plus, with our complete training program and our franchising team ready to help during the development process, potential franchisees can rest assured knowing they’re in good hands.

If you’re interested in our concept and would like to find out more, contact Franchise Creator today!

About Franchise Creator

Franchise Creator was founded by CEO Hossein Kasmai in search of helping established businesses branch out and expand their market through franchising. An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Kasmai has launched numerous successful business concepts of his own that have been ranked highly in publishings such as Entrepreneur Magazine for several years in a row. For more information about Franchise Creator, please visit the company website at or call 305-592-9229

About Burger Barn Grill

Burger Barn Grill has been a community favorite since the start. Our high-quality, 100% real Angus beef paired with only the freshest produce and side dishes have made our burgers the talk of the town! Now, with franchising in our future, we’re ready to become the talk of the entire country! If you’re interested in being a part of our growth and want to bring the amazing taste of Burger Barn Grill to your area, you can find out more information by filling out the fields below:


Our restaurant is all about good food with good ingredients in a family-friendly environment. All of our dishes are homemade, only put on the grill once they’ve been ordered. When put against our competitors, Burger Barn Grill offers freshness, quality, and good times all around!


We’re offering a storefront franchise option. Franchisees will have exclusive ownership of a territory that’s the lesser of a 3-mile radius around the restaurant or a population of 30,000.


As part of their investment, franchisees will have access to our comprehensive training program. This program highlights all aspects of the business, including how to make every single one of our recipes to perfection. Training consists of 64 hours of hands-on learning and is required for all franchisees prior to opening.

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